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in american history. he was the fuse that lit the fire. in 1944, 11 years before rosa parks refused to move to the back of my primary bus, lieutenant robinson was court-martialed for insisting successfully the fort hood, texas heard of desegregating benefits. he was a lieutenant only because when he was excluded from officer's kennedy school scum he pretested enough to another black at fort riley, kansas, heavyweight champ in, joe louis. the athletic successes of lewis and just yelling in an 1830s, jackie robinson's brother matt from the 200-meter dash at the berlin olympics made the absence of blacks in baseball glaring. then the war in which blacks worse till in hitlerism, nurtured the idea that anyone who could cross omaha beach should also be eligible to cross major-league file lines. also, commercial considerations mingled in the ethical. until the war, three quarters of all blacks lived in the south and all 16 major league teams were in the north. more production drew blacks north to the bleachers. as takeout makes clear in his splendid book, baseball's great experiment, jackie rabin
the good essay by chris hedges on the radical dissent. he is quoted rosa luxemburg so i'm checking out rosa luxemburg doing my fact checking. a revolutionary so you're creating profiles that could easily be used by others. >> and the data aggregators as marketers have similar profiles and one of the problems with select thing tidbits of data and not looking at it as an integrated whole is just as you say your choice of what movies you see, what products you i will label you as an anarchist and the dangerous with the anarchists, right now it again goes back to the issue of funding for private corporations. there is competition among department of homeland security and other local agencies that received dhs funding say a municipal police department to identify so-called terrorist threats. now we see the catchall anarchists being used a lot. after the environmental animal rights activist in 2005 were deemed top domestic terrorism threats. now it's anarchists. i was at the republican national convention in florida the year before last and the police or the fbi issued a report of an anarchists t
luther king, jr. and rosa parks and fannie lou hamer and fred shuttleswor shuttlesworth, you know, the great john lewis, robert moses. i could go on and on and on. one of the great things that they did is make racist, racial distinctions distinct, and nobody wants to be associated with them. now, that's a good thing, and to the extent that that sentiment makes people anxious about affirmative action is an ironic thing. that's a good thing. there is a bad thing, however, and that's something that i write about this in the book the good bit and i think this is often overlooked. a lot of times people don't want to hear it but i think it has to be said. throughout the history of the united states, any policy advancing the fortunes of people of color, particularly black, has triggered resentment and triggered opposition. let me give you a couple examples. i'll give you an example of this. this is, i mean, let me give you an example of this. this is a statement made by a florida slaveholder who was fuming at an abolitionist. this is before the abolition of slavery. this is what a florid
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)